[BioC][BioCBUG] Boston User's Group Formation query

Vincent Carey 525-2265 stvjc at channing.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 24 13:02:43 MEST 2003

Interest in the Bioconductor project has grown substantially.
I would like to gauge the size of a user's group for the
Boston area.  I would propose meetings every other month,
somewhere in the Longwood area, depending on the size of the
group.  It is possible that a membership fee would be needed
to defray costs of meeting arrangements, but we would like
to avoid this if possible.  Sponsorship by a commercial
group with adequate meeting facilities in the Boston area
would be considered, though we have no candidates at present.

Tentatively, user group meetings would consist of an invited prepared
lecture of about 1/2 hour, two refereed contributed lectures of
15 mins each, and one hour of open but chaired discussion.  This implies
roles for presenters, referees, moderators, and secretarial activity.
We would hope to post talk contents and meeting minutes on the web
site as appropriate.

Interested parties should contact me off the list with the tag
[BioCBUG] on the subject line (for Bioconductor Boston Users Group)
so that I can filter the responses.  I will summarize the response
and the plans for first meeting to the list.

Those outside the Boston area who are interested in User Group
formation can also reply in the same fashion (use tag [BioCBUG]) and
we will consider how to deal with other regions.


Vince Carey, PhD
Ass't Prof Med (Biostatistics)
Harvard Medical School
Channing Laboratory - ph 6175252265 fa 6177311541
New cell phone number: 6178524863
181 Longwood Ave Boston MA 02115 USA
stvjc at channing.harvard.edu

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