[BioC] 64-bit CPUs and bioconductor

David Henderson DNADave at u.arizona.edu
Thu Sep 25 09:17:31 MEST 2003

Hello Shinichiro:

> Now that both PC and Mac have 64-bit CPU capable of addressing several
> gigabytes of RAM, will bioconductor be able to take advantage of this
> new feature without a major revision?  I remember having a trouble
> trying to process 100+ chips at once due to limitation in addressable
> memory, so I'm curious.

I have been using Bioconductor on the new AMD x86-64 since at least
June.  Since I always compile from source, I was able to take advantage
of the larger memory address space once I figured out the proper
compiler options and no code changes to R or Bioconductor.

Good Luck!!

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