[BioC] "Environment hgu133acdf is not available" question ...

Richard Finney rfinney5 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 25 15:11:09 MEST 2003

Variations on this problem seems to creep up a lot ...

When you run expresso(), R complains about  ...
Environment hgu133acdf is not available.
This environment contains needed probe location
We will try to download and install the hgu133acdf

Note: No specified download type, defaulting to Source
[1] "Attempting to download hgu133acdf from BIOcdf/"

So, my questions are

1) Are there cookbook instructions for making R
recognize the "Environment hgu133acdf" ???

2) What the heck does "Attempting to download
hgu133acdf from BIOcdf/" mean?  Wouldn't hardcoding
a real URL do the trick?  What do I need to do tell
R where to really download the hgu133acdf file?
Where is it looking?  I have the directory
"hgu133acdf" unzipped from the link at
"http://www/bioconductor.org/data/metaData.html/" in
the current working directory.

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