[BioC] Allocation error

James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Mon Sep 29 09:26:41 MEST 2003

Yep, that's a memory problem. If you are running under Windows, you can
make sure that you have enough memory allocated to R by using the
command line flag --max-mem-size=1G (substituting the correct amount of
RAM). If you have already allocated all your memory, then you have to
get some more RAM.



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>>> Ann Hess <hess at stat.colostate.edu> 09/28/03 10:17PM >>>
I am receiving an allocation error while using different expression
(MAS5 and LiWong).  This is happening during varying runs of a
The actual errors are shown below.

I'm not sure if this is a memory problem (I should have plenty of
or a BioConductor problem.

Any suggestions?  Thanks!

#During MAS
background correction: mas
PM/MM correction : mas
expression values: mas
background correcting...Error: cannot allocate vector of size 32000 Kb

#During LiWong
normalization: invariantset
PM/MM correction : pmonly
expression values: liwong
normalizing...Error: cannot allocate vector of size 32000 Kb

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