[BioC] Problems installing affy package.

Debjani Bhowmick debjani.bhowmick at epfl.ch
Thu Apr 1 08:52:49 CEST 2004

Hello Jeff
I am using R 1.8.1 and Unix OS.
I also found that the packages 'tkWidgets' and 'affyPLM' also have 
problems installing. I also tried to install these packages manually but 
I get the message affy not installed properly.

Jeff Gentry wrote:
>>I am trying to install "affy" library from the release version, but 
>>somehow the package "affy" is not installed.
>>I have used the command getBioC(relLevel="release",libName="affy"), I 
>>have successfully installed "cDNA" package and using it but I do not 
>>know what is the problem with "affy" library.
> Thanks for also forwarding that other mail that you found.
> Can you tell me what version of R and what OS you're using?
> Thanks
> -J

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