[BioC] repositories2

Christopher Albert christopher.albert at mcgill.ca
Wed Apr 14 22:13:20 CEST 2004

Jeff Gentry wrote:

> Currently what should happen is if you have 'repositories2' defined before
> loading reposTools, any value that reposTools wants to set will not be
> overwritten.  For instance, if before loading reposTools you set:
> BIOCData="http://www.local.mirror.org"))

This works fine from an .Rprofile file, although I used the named vector 
syntax of the options()$repositories2 structure.

About the CRAN option in repositories2, when I use a plain vanilla CRAN 
mirror I get the error "does not seem to have a valid repository, 
skipping" .
Is this because reposTools looks for a "repdatadesc.rda" file which is 
not found in general on CRAN repositories?


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