[BioC] Published studies assessing process variability

Francois Collin fcollin at diabetes.ucsf.edu
Wed Apr 21 23:06:13 CEST 2004

Anybody know of published studies assessing the contribution to expression variability of the various parts of the GeneChip expression data production process - RNA isolation, labeled target preparation, Hybe+wash+scan+analysis?  
There are two related reports on the Affy web site comparing GeneChip output - focusing on presents calls, and comparisons of absolute expression of genes of unknown true expression level:
1. An Analysis of Blood Processing Methods to Prepare Samples for GeneChip® Expression Profiling
2. Globin Reduction Protocol: A Method for Processing Whole Blood RNA Samples for Improved Array Results

Are there other published studies on this topic (doesn't have to be blood - any source of RNA that can be treated with alternative RNA isolation protocols would present the same problem of deciding which protocol is best for a given application)?

Thanks in advance.

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