[BioC] Affy Bioconductor with Rat230_2 chips

Kim Gernert gernert at emory.edu
Fri Apr 23 21:35:07 CEST 2004

I am trying to process Affymetrix array data from the new rat chip (RAT230_2).
We followed the vignette on setting up the new rat230-2.cdf file and all seemed 
fine  (readaffy, rnadeg..., rma, etc.)  until I tried

(simpleaffy)  qc.stats

ERROR: I am sorry I donot know spike probes on rat230.2.cdf

Do I need the new simpleaffy (last download Mar 2004), do I need the new R
(currently running 1.8.1, on Linux)?
or is there an additional script I need to run to inform R of the new parameters 
(spikes, etc.) for the RAT230_2?

Your help is appreciated.

Kim M. Gernert


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