[BioC] HOMEDRIVE in R and maImage() troubles

Tarca Adi Laurentiu ltarca at rsvs.ulaval.ca
Thu Apr 29 18:24:34 CEST 2004

Hi there,

1) I got the following error when starting R: "Fatal error: invalid 
HOMEDRIVE". This occurred
after disconnecting the Internet connection and restarting the system. This 
error disappeared
after reconnecting it and restarting the system. At the beginning I though 
that is because the
name of the drives changes when one is disconnected, but is not the case as 
R is installed on C partition.
( 1.9.0 windows XP).

2) the maImage() function in the "devel" release of bioC has a bug I 
suppose as it shows a very large
color bar without values.

Thanks for any suggestion,
Laurentiu Tarca

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