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Chris Wilkinson Christopher.Wilkinson at adelaide.edu.au
Fri Apr 30 06:59:50 CEST 2004

Hi Anthony,

> How do I set up a design and contrast matrix for the following experiment.
> I have unstimulated cells and stimulated cells for individuals with
> and without disease.
> sample groups
> 1	Disease		Unstimulated
> 2	Disease		Stimulated
> 3	No Disease	Unstimulated
> 4	No Disease	Stimulated
> Although I can set up design matrix for all two way comparisons, I am
> really interested in what genes are different between disease and no
> disease after stimulation of the cells.

I think what you have is a 2x2 factorial experiment. Check out the weaver
mutant data example in the limma example. In your case the first factor is
Disease (no disease & disease) and the second factor is Stimulation(unstim,
stim). What is of most interest is the interaction of disease and
stimulation (DxS).
            Unstimulated   Stimulated
No Disease  00 ----------- 0S
            |              |
            |              |
   Disease  D0------------ DS

The columns in the design matrix are Disease, Stim and (DiseaseXStim).
I would also suggest you look over Glonek and Solomon, Factorial and time
course designs for cDNA microarray experiments. Biostatistics 2004
Jan;5(1):89-111. (A copy is also available at
http://mag.maths.adelaide.edu.au/documents.html) It has a very nice
discussion on factorial designs, in particular 2x2 designs which I think you
would find helpful.


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