[BioC] justRMA segmentation fault when calculating expr.

Ulas Karaoz ulask at bu.edu
Thu Dec 2 05:18:35 CET 2004

Hi everybody,
I know that this has been reported before but I haven't seen any solution.
I have been consistently getting segmentation faults whenever I use 
justRMA with a cdf environment other than the standard affy cdf 
environments (for instance hgu133).
I have tried using my own alt cdf environments and Laurent Gautiers' 
altcdfenvs at "http://www.cbs.dtu.dk/staff/laurent/download/maprefseq/"
Everything goes fine until the calculation of expression. I have tried 
with both destructive = TRUE and destructive = FALSE (rma_c_complete
vs. rma_c_complete_copy), the fault persists.
When I use the default affy environment it works fine.

 > exprs 
+     PACKAGE="affy")
Background correcting
Calculating Expression
Segmentation fault

Did anyone experience such a thing?

I am using R 2.0, and the latest version of affy.


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