[BioC] hclust and (Eisen+ de Hoon) cluster3 program

Benjamin Haibe-Kains bhaibeka at ulb.ac.be
Mon Dec 6 13:09:46 CET 2004

Hi Michael,

I think that the differences are  too important to be due to different 
implementation decisions. Actually my problem is that I have a group of 
1 object and the rest in the other group when I use the 'centroid' 
hclust (I use cutree to have the main two groups)  and it's not the case 
with other softwares. It looks like a bug in the Fortran routine but I 
can not access to it.

Have you reported this "bug" before ? Can I write my 'centroid' method 
easily ?



michael watson (IAH-C) wrote:

>You will likely get different results from all clustering software, even
>when using the same parameters.  This is because many arbitrary
>decisions have to be made during a hierarchical cluster analysis and
>different programmers will make those decisions in different ways.
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>Hi all,
>I have a problem with the R function 'hclust'. I have noticed 
>differences in clustering when I use the 'centroid' cluster method with 
>'hclust' and the cluster3 program (see M. Eisen and M. de Hoon).
>Have you noticed some differences too ?
>I use
>hclust from library 'stats' (Built: R 2.0.1; i386-pc-linux-gnu; 
>2004-11-15 15:56:06; unix)
>cluster 3.0 using C Clustering Library version 1.25
>Thanks a lot

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