[BioC] Quastion

mohammad mahdi naghizadeh jahr naghizadeh at modares.ac.ir
Tue Dec 7 08:51:10 CET 2004

Hello All
I obtain this Box plot after local Normalization.
I would like to now:
                              Why does not mean of second box equal zero?
Data is attached.
Mehdi Naghizadeh (naghizadeh at modares.ac.ir)
Tarbiat Modares University
naghi.norm2 <- maNormMain(naghi.raw, f.loc = list(maNormLoess(x="maA",
       y = "maM", z = "maPrintTip", span = 0.3)), f.scale = NULL, a.loc = 
NULL, a.scale = NULL)

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