[BioC] imageplot problem from limma

Anna Cao yunie at caltech.edu
Fri Feb 6 00:38:12 MET 2004


I'm trying to plot a vector of log ratios using the imageplot functions but
it keeps telling me my dimensions are incorrect.

Here's what I did.

x <- dir(pattern="test.txt")   
# where test.txt contains a 16200 by 12 matrix of numbers (with NAs)
x <- read.delim(x, header=TRUE)
y <- c(x[1])

And this is the error message:
Error in imageplot(y, layout = list(ngrid.r = 5, ngrid.c = 12, nspot.r = 30,
        Number of image spots does not agree with layout dimensions

I check the dimension of y and it's indeed 16200.
> dim(data.frame(y))
[1] 16200     1

What am I doing wrong?



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