[BioC] question about limma fit differences?

Simon Melov smelov at mac.com
Fri Feb 6 07:48:17 MET 2004

in the limma guide, there are several different examples which are well 
described. However, there are two different functions for doing the fit 
- lm.series, and lmFit.

I'm not clear as to why one would use either one or the other. Its not 
stated as to why one uses lmFit in the  Swirl example, but uses 
lm.series in the ApolA1 example. From their respective help menus, I 
cant tell the difference except that lmFit seems to call the least 
squares regression by default, while as lm.series calls the lm.fit 
function for the regression.

Are there some general guidelines as to which fit function to use in 
particular experimental contexts?

Any help would be much appreciated



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