[BioC] Re: Bioconductor Digest, Vol 12, Issue 10

Tarca Adi Laurentiu ltarca at rsvs.ulaval.ca
Mon Feb 9 17:42:01 MET 2004


Is there any known bug in the function maNorm2D() ? I am trying to use it 
with the swirl
data set, but after calling it as:

swirl.C<-maNormMain(swirl, f.loc = list(maNorm2D()))

the result seems to be a downward shift of all M values with about 10 
decades on the log2 scale  which is
a nonsense.


Laurentiu Adi Tarca
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Centre de Recherche en Biologie Forestière
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Université Laval
Québec, Québec
G1K 7P4
Tel: 656-2131 ext. 4509
e-mail: ltarca at rsvs.ulaval.ca

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