[BioC] Papers mentioning duplicate spots

Oliver Hartmann oliver.hartmann at epigenomics.com
Tue Feb 10 08:45:22 MET 2004

Dear Gordon,

there is this paper in Cancer Cell from rather unknown scientists ;) we 
had 9200 spots all printed in dublicate:

Loss of a FYN-regulated differentiation and growth arrest pathway in 
advanced stage neuroblastoma.
Bernd Berwanger, Oliver Hartmann, Eckhard Bergmann, Sandra Bernard, Dirk 
Nielsen, Michael Krause, Ali Kartal, Daniel Flynn, Ruprecht Wiedemeyer, 
Manfred Schwab, Helmut Schäfer, Holger Christiansen, and Martin Eilers
Cancer Cell, 2002, Nov;2(5):377-86.



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I am looking for references to published papers on microarrays which
mention duplicate spots, i.e., replicate spots on the same array containing
the same probe. The treatment of the duplicate spots can be very brief,
e.g., just to say that log-ratios from duplicate spots were averaged before
further analysis. I am particularly after papers in mainline biological
journals. Any references would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot

Oliver Hartmann

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