[BioC] calcuate the expression values with AFFX-xxx Genes

Linlin Chen lchen at bst.rochester.edu
Thu Feb 12 18:39:59 MET 2004


 when we calcuate the expression values, we'd like to get rid of the affy 
control genes (AFFX-xxx genes). Shoud we do it before we call RMA or expresso 
function, or 
after. I don't know how to do it. Do the RMA and expresso functions already 
exclude those 
genes from affybatch when they do the calculations? If not, how can I get a new 
object withont AFFX genes from the old affybatch (from ReadAffy() ).

Thanks in advance,

Linlin Chen
Linlin Chen
lchen at bst.rochester.edu

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