[BioC] ath1121501probe_1.0 error (was GCRMA missing value error)

Jeff Gentry jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu
Tue Feb 17 20:09:17 MET 2004

> After much trying, including a full R re-install, it seems that when 
> I install from the local zip file it does not extract RData.zip that 
> contains the file called ath1121501probe.rda in the data directory. 
> If I extract this file myself and then start R then it appears to 
> work fine. I'm not sure if this is my computer or the package, but
> looking at the other win32 probe packages it looks like this one is
> the only one with the .rda additionally zipped within the zip file.

I replaced the version of the package on the site with one which should
not provide this error any more.

Thanks for pointing it out

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