[BioC] problems with multtest

michael watson (IAH-C) michael.watson at bbsrc.ac.uk
Tue Feb 24 14:32:21 MET 2004


I am having problems with multtest and it is really annoying because I know I am being stupid!

I read a tab-delimited text file in using read.table, into a variable called "data".

data has 12 columns, 1-5 being annotation and 6-12 (7 columns) being actual data.

When I try:

> t <- mt.teststat(data[,6-12], c(0,0,0,1,1,1,1), test="t")

I get errors:

Error in mt.checkX(X, classlabel, test) : the number of column of X needs to be the same as the lengtho of classlabel
 your X= 1 
 your classlabel is 0 

I just know I am being ridiculously stupid and it's probably that I don't remember how to use R properly, but can someone tell me how to use mt.teststat with data read in from a text file using read.table?


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