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Hi Darwin,
Q1.  Sorry can't say for certain.
Q2.  Ge et al, '03 or Dudoit et al., '03 available from
http://www.stat.berkeley.edu/~sandrine/publications.html may help you.
Q3.  Searchable Mail archives is one of the options under "Project" on the
index (Left hand) of the Bioconductor web site. These links to

Good Luck,

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I am a beginner and have questions to ask for help.

I have a cDNA microarray data with reference design and 4 biological
replicates in each of the 2 groups. I want to do comparison between these
two groups in terms of gene expression. After the normalization, I checked
the correlation coefficient of log(ratio) between the replicates within each
group. The correlation coefficients are very low. Is that the normal case?
Do I need to delete some poor quality genes before any analysis and what
rule should I use?

My second question is what difference between function mt.maxT and mt.minP
in “Multtest” package.

My last question is how I can find the old mails in this mail listing since
I just joined it and want to read some questions that might be useful.

Thanks for the help!



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