[BioC] limma package and related replicate genes problems

p hu huut2003 at yahoo.ca
Fri Feb 27 15:51:36 MET 2004

Hi all,

I am just wondering how to process replicate genes in an array using 

limma package. each gene is printed twice on an array.

For example, the actual number of genes is 19000 in my dataset, since there are replicate genes, I have 38400 spots (genes) in my dataset.

I am just wondering how I can get 19000 genes from these 38400 genes before or after normalization???

It seems that limma has considered this issue, but it integrates with gene selection together (????).  Here I do not want to do that,

I just want to get a dataset which has only 19200 genes (before or after normalization).

Does any one know how to deal with it using limma or other packages???





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