[BioC] Error: expresso

James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Thu Jul 1 17:28:07 CEST 2004

That error most likely indicates that abcel.data is not an AffyBatch.
Did you use ReadAffy() to create abcel.data?



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>>> S Peri <biocperi at yahoo.com> 07/01/04 08:25AM >>>
Hello group, 

 I am trying to normalize using expresso module and I
am getting the following error. In fact I followed the
example given at the bottom of help file.  The
following is what I get: 
> abcel.data.norm = expresso(abcel.data,
bgcorrect.method = "rma", normalize.method =
"constant", pmcorrect.method = "pmonly",
summary.method = "avgdiff")
background correction: rma 
normalization: constant 
PM/MM correction : pmonly 
expression values: avgdiff 
background correcting...Error in bg.correct(afbatch,
method = bgcorrect.method) : 
        No direct or inherited method for function
"bg.correct" for this call

Any suggestions where it is going wrong. 
Thank you. 


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