[BioC] limmaGUI_1.2.5 ImaGene fix

James Wettenhall wettenhall at wehi.edu.au
Fri Jul 2 14:41:07 CEST 2004


I've just uploaded limmaGUI_1.2.5 to:

(May take a while to appear on BioC Devel.)

Please let me know ASAP if the latest changes introduce any 
problems with reading in raw image-analysis files (hopefully 
they will do the opposite - fix problems!)

I've fixed some problems with limmaGUI trying to extract
the array layout from ImaGene files the wrong way (now that 
having a GAL file is optional in limmaGUI, like in limma).  

I've done some reasonably thorough testing.  I can successfully
read in ImaGene files into limmaGUI_1.2.5 without specifying a 
GAL file.  The interactive image array plot has been updated so 
that when you click on a pixel/spot/gene, it can cope with 
gene list column headings other than what is expected in a 
GAL file (ID and Name).  

As well as testing ImaGene files, I have also tested GenePix and 
Spot files in 1.2.5, and everything seems to work OK.

I hope these changes won't introduce any new errors for people 
who are currently using limmaGUI to read in their data.  Please 
let me know as soon as possible if any new problems appear, and 
I'll fix them ASAP.

Best regards,

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