[BioC] rpart - stack overflow

Liu, Xin Xin.Liu at arragen.com
Fri Jul 2 17:05:48 CEST 2004

Hello group,

I created an Expression Set as following:

> esetSub 
	Expression Set (exprSet) with 
        4986 genes
        12 samples
                 phenoData object with 2 variables and 12 cases
                cov1: Genotype
                cov2: Treatment

> Y<-factor(esetSub$cov1)
> table(Y)
0 1 
6 6 

Then I want to do rpart:
>  X<-t(exprs(esetSub))
>  library(rpart)
>  df<-data.frame(Y=Y, X=X)
>  tr<-rpart(Y ~ ., data=df)

Then I got the following error:
"Error: protect(): stack overflow"

Any suggestion? Thank you!


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