[BioC] OT: cell lines and tissues

YUK FAI LEUNG yfleung at mcb.harvard.edu
Fri Jul 9 17:15:02 CEST 2004

Dear Stefano,

Why don't you use both of them as controls? A group of RNAs from normal 
amplified RNA from tissue, and a group of RNAs from cell lines. Then you 
can make more comparisons!

Best regards,

Hi everybody.

This is definitely Off-Topic, but I'd like to have an opinion from the 
many biologist (but not only!) that populate the list, about the 
following problem:
A group of biologists is willing to study gene expression in ovarian 
cancer tissues relative to normal ones. As the normal ovarian epithelium 
is single layer, it's quite hard to get enough RNA. So
they are actually going to compare normal ovarian cell lines grown in 
vitro versus patological tissues. I feel a bit confused about this. 
Wouldn't be better to amplify the RNA from normal
tissues? Any other options?

Any insight will be very appreciated.

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