[BioC] Two questions about image() function in Affy package

F Duan f.duan at yale.edu
Tue Jul 13 19:50:34 CEST 2004

Hello, All,


I am recently beginning to touch Bioconductor and have a lot of naïve
questions. Here are two of them which I failed to find out answers from the
archive searching.


First, could anyone tell me how to draw a deep-blue Affymetrix image through
Image() function in Affy package? The default settings of image() draw me a
black-white image and if I modify it to 256 colors, I get a somehow
yellowish image. The reason for me to draw a deep-blue one is because I
found most of papers display the spotted cDNA microarray image as red-green
and the Affymetrix chip image as deep-blue.


Second, could anyone give me a hint how to draw several images in the same
frame (not only in the same window)? I know par(mfrow=c(x,y)) can help me
draw several images in the same window, but now I want to go a little bit
further to draw my images in one frame, i.e., there is no blank space
between images.


Thank you very much,




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