[BioC] Bayesian method in limma

Hua Weng hweng at bmb-fs1.biochem.okstate.edu
Mon Jul 19 17:42:38 CEST 2004

Dear Gordon:

I tried to use ebayes() method to pick differential expressed genes for our
two color cDNA microarray data analysis. Our expreiment is designed to
anaylysis the influense of one chemical on cotton genes. It is a
Single-Sample Expreiment and two RNA sources are comapred deirectly on 3
biological replicates through time course. But we don't have complete cotton
gene library. So we hand pick around 200 genes that we expect to be
differentiall expressed and print them 12 times (technical replicates) on
the same slide. I have following questions:

(1) Based our expreiment design, is it still suitable to use ebayes() method
to pick differentially expressed genes for our data?

(2)I took a look at help file for ebayes() and found out the default vale
for proportion is 0.01. What value should I set for proportion for our case?
Do I need to change default value for stdev.coef.lim?

I highly appreciate your help.


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