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Subject: Question
From:    jcurry at vbi.vt.edu
Date:    Wed, July 21, 2004 2:57 pm
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I am using soychip data for R which unlike human etc is not
publicly available so it is not available in the metadata on bioconductor.
> I have it on my desktop, sent directly from affy.
> Being on the desktop, I thought that meant the cdf files were available,
> When I am attempting to read the data for the soybean file, I type in
eset <- rma (Data)  and the error reads this:
> “Error in getCdfInfo(object) : Could not obtain CDF environment,
problems encountered:
> Specified environment specified did not contain Soybean
> Library - package soybeancdf not installed
> Data for package affy did not contain Soybean
> Bioconductor - soybeancdf not available”
> The soybeancdf has been installed into the affy library but it is
not on Bioconductor’s website of packages available to download.  Is this
why it will not open?
> Any suggestions as to what I should do to rectify this problem?

Thank you.

Joyce Curry
Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Virginia Tech
Bioinformatics 1 Washington Street
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0447

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