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Chris Wilkinson Christopher.Wilkinson at adelaide.edu.au
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Essentially it comes down to setting the environment variable http_proxy to
your proxy server (note that it must be set before starting R). If your
proxy server requires a user name and password you may also have to set
http_proxy_user. Documentation on proxies is contained within the
documentation on download.file (eg type ?download.file). I've appended the
relevant sections below.

Proxies can be specified via environment variables. Setting "no_proxy" stops
any proxy being tried. Otherwise the setting of "http_proxy" or "ftp_proxy"
(or failing that, the all upper-case version) is consulted and if non-empty
used as a proxy site. For FTP transfers, the username and password on the
proxy can be specified by "ftp_proxy_user" and "ftp_proxy_password". The
form of "http_proxy" should be "http://proxy.dom.com/" or
"http://proxy.dom.com:8080/" where the port defaults to 80 and the trailing
slash may be omitted. For "ftp_proxy" use the form
"ftp://proxy.dom.com:3128/" where the default port is 21. These environment
variables must be set before the download code is first used: they cannot be
altered later by calling Sys.putenv.

Usernames and passwords can be set for HTTP proxy transfers via environment
variable http_proxy_user in the form user:passwd. Alternatively,
"http_proxy" can be of the form "http://user:pass@proxy.dom.com:8080/" for
compatibility with wget. Only the HTTP/1.0 basic authentication scheme is
supported. Under Windows, if "http_proxy_user" is set to "ask" then a dialog
box will come up for the user to enter the username and password. NB: you
will be given only one opportunity to enter this, but if proxy
authentication is required and fails there will be one further prompt per


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> Does anybody know how to set up the proxy in R to be able to use the
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