[BioC] justRMA segmentation fault

Danila Ulyanov Danila.Ulyanov at umassmed.edu
Fri Jun 11 21:34:18 CEST 2004


I have a problem with justRMA causing segmentation fault when an R 
script is ran from command line via
# R --no-save < rscript

The only two lines that get executed are:
 >rma <- justRMA("file1","file2","file3","file4")

Then I get:

Background correcting 


Calculating Expression
Segmentation Fault

And the script aborts.

When this is done from within R, it always runs fine - no errors. But if 
the same commands are passed as a text file - it causes segmentation fault.

This seems to be happen randomly depending on the files selected and R 
versions. For version 1.8.1 different file combinations cause 
segmentation fault than for version 1.9.0. So what causes segmentation 
fault in 1.8.1, does not in 1.9.0 and vice versa. I tried deleting 
everything and installing a new version from scratch, but with the same 
result. Same file combinations fail for same versions, even on different 

If anyone knows how to fix this or has an idea on how to circumvent 
passing commands through a file from an external script, I would greatly 
appreciate any advice. Thank you!


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