[BioC] affylmGUI gene list from Venn diagram, was: (no subject)

Simon Kidd kidd at mail.rockefeller.edu
Thu Jun 17 17:39:14 CEST 2004

At 10:29am +1000 17/6/04, James Wettenhall wrote:
>Hi Simon,
>No sorry, there is no way at the moment to get a list of genes
>from the venn diagram in affylmGUI, but depending on how
>"CLI challenged" you are, you could ask on this mailing list
>about doing this using the limma functions classifyTestsF and
>vennCounts and combining this information with your list of
>probe set IDs from the CDF package or gene names from the
>annotation package.


Do the p values that affylmgui uses to calculate the venn diagram 
correspond to those given in the toptable lists? If this is so we 
should be able to get the same results by exporting the toptable 
lists into Filemaker and doing various sorts there.



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