[BioC] how to install packages of older version?

jzhao jzhao at vbi.vt.edu
Fri Jun 18 20:51:39 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I'm new to bioconductor, and I have a basic question regarding install: 
about a year ago, we installed R1.7.1 and bioconductor (updated at that 
time, not remember the exact version though) on one of our servers. and now 
i need to install R and bioC on a new server. I tried R1.9.0 and the most 
updated bioC (1.4) first, only to find that the output format of multtest 
result has somehow changed. Since I don't want to go back to change my Java 
source code, I really like to keep the environment on the new server the 
same as the old one, so I switch back to R-1.7.1, and copy over the 
multtest library file from the old server and put it in new server's R exe 
tree, but somehow i still got result in new format. So, could somebody 
please provide some advice about how to install an older version of bioc 
packages ( in mycase, multtest) ?

many thanks!!!!

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