[BioC] Which package "Multiget" belongs

nbing nbing at vt.edu
Fri Jun 25 05:25:18 CEST 2004

Jeff, You are cool. Thanks very much. After using all the packages from 
release 4, there is no problem.

>===== Original Message From Jeff Gentry <jgentry at jimmy.harvard.edu> =====
>> The bioconductor is from release 1.4. And the affy is version 1.5.0.
>> Biobase_1.4.16. I definitely installed and loaded Biobase. Is this only me
>The release 1.4 version of affy is '1.4.32' and the release 1.4 version of
>Biobase is '1.4.15'.  The current devel version of affy is '1.5.2' and
>Biobase is '1.4.16'.
>So, you're definitely using the devel version of the software.  I suspect
>that if you updated to the latest devel affy, that this problem would go
>away (I believe that they had a multiget in a slightly older version), or
>if you do indeed want to use the 1.4 release versions, switch to using
>those and that should also solve the problem.

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