[BioC] Microarray data annotation

Ranga Chari ranga_bioc at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 30 03:10:32 CEST 2004

Hello Group, 
 I am new to Microarray data analysis and statistics.  In microarray group circles people are talking about raw data, un-annotated raw data and annotated raw data. 
Could any one please help me in explaining what exactly means annotated raw data. 
Is this some thing to say that a particular spot gene name is "xxx" and it has some intensity levels xxx(ch1) xxxx (ch2) etc.  
If this is what is annotation component then the microarray raw data (cDNA) already has intensity levels linked to a gene and not some arbitarary code number. 
Could any one please post their understanding about annotated data. 
thank you. 


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