[BioC] Error with read.imagene

marchiem at libero.it marchiem at libero.it
Wed Jun 30 17:37:08 CEST 2004

Hi to all,
I wanted to read in the files in the same order of the target file but I can't read the files names from the target file because the function wants a 2 columns matrix...
so that I created the matrix:
> oxyfiles<-cbind(Oxytarget$FileNameCy3,Oxytarget$FileNameCy5)

Now I have a matrix with the files in the same order of the target files but when I try to read in the data I get this message:

> RGo<-read.imagene(oxyfiles,columns=list(f="Median Signal",b="Background Median"),names=Oxytarget$Name,path="C:/Program Files/R/rw1081/bin/oxyR")

Read header information
Read C:/Program Files/R/rw1081/bin/oxyR/2-4-04_SC19.57_Cy3_g58.txt 
Error in "[.data.frame"(obj, , columns$f) : 
        undefined columns selected

Please can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong? I find inconvenient use the command dir(pattern=*.txt) to create the file with the arrays because it stores them randomly...

Thank you very much in advance.

best regards.


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