[BioC] HTML problems with annaffy's saveHTML

Davide davide at microarrays.unife.it
Thu Nov 4 12:36:47 CET 2004

Hi, I don't know if anyone else already have noted and solved this problem, but if  you create an HTML table with saveHTML (annaffy),
the resulting table it doesn't work properly. The nice "Pathway" column appears as an empty column (with no links) once you published your page on any webserver. The strange thing is that locally it works correctly !!! (I don't know why, I'm very curious about that...)

I just corrected this, finding that the given link for the pathways infos :


is an old form, and that every "genome.ad.jp" link is redirected by that server to "genome.jp"
So, our pathway link is:


I did it and now is working perfectly.
As I said, I don't know if anyone noted and solved this, or if there is a more elegant way to do it. 
In this case, please don't consider this contribution...



	[[alternative HTML version deleted]]

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