[BioC] Problems with installning a package built with AnnBuilder

Johan Lindberg johanl at biotech.kth.se
Mon Nov 8 16:54:13 CET 2004

Hi all.
I am trying to create an annotation package with the help of AnnBuilder
for our inhouse printed chip. 
To create the package I use
> ABPkgBuilder(baseName="C:/Installerade
program/R/tempdir/IDforRbatch1to5.txt", srcUrls=mySrcUrls, baseMapType =
"ll",pkgName="Hum30kbatch1to5", pkgPath="C:/Installerade
program/R/tempdir/hum", organism = "human", version = "1.1.0", makeXML =
TRUE, author = list(author = "Johan Lindberg", maintainer =
"johanl at biotech.kth.se"), fromWeb = TRUE)
Everything works just fine.
And when I check and build my package I do
> C:\INSTAL~1\R\rw1091\bin\R CMD check
C:\INSTAL~1\R\tempdir\hum\Hum30kbatch1to5 --no-latex
Everything works just fine except for a warning, but I still get all the
files I think I need. The warning was
"Warning: 'multiget' is deprecated."
My problems begin when I try to install the zipped package locally. I
> install.packages(choose.files('',filters=Filters[c('zip','All'),]),
.libPaths()[1], CRAN = NULL)
And then I get an error message that I would like to get some assistance
Error in unpackPkg(pkgs[i], pkgnames[i], lib, installWithVers) : 
        Malformed bundle DESCRIPTION file, no Contains field
As I understand from "Writing R extensions" it is when you are
distributing several packages as a bundle that you need a "Contains
field". Since that is not my case I wonder what am I doing wrong?
Best regards, Johan Lindberg

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