[BioC] Problems with heatmap on genes...

Giulio Di Giovanni perimessaggini at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 9 16:37:56 CET 2004


I'm trying to have a clear figure of gene clusters using heatmaps, but with 
more than 100-200 genes it's not possible to do it, with default options 
(and I would like to do that with 1500 genes or so...). Gene names (and 
branchs too) collapse together...

I tried, setting new device dimensions (jpeg() or png() height and width), 
and modifying par() options (fin, etc..), to have long cluster figures (to 
be clear, dChip style). Well, it works for others high-level graphical 
functions, but it doesn't work for heatmaps().  I always obtain big figures, 
but with exactely the same squared heatmap inside.

I spent long time on the documentation and searching the web, and when I 
found something, it was always some heatmaps for 50-100 genes at max

I trust that someone working on gene clustering is confidential on this,
and I will appreciate a lot any suggestion... I almost became crazy on that 

Thanks in advance,


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