[BioC] Matchprobe package

Wenqiong Chen wenchen at diversa.com
Fri Nov 19 03:20:33 CET 2004

I am trying to make probe package with the functions in the "matchprobe"
package. However, we have modified the cdf file and probe sequence file
to accommodate the recent update of the in house genome sequence. I have
successfully created the cdf package with the modified cdf file, and
everything worked as far as use rma. However, to get the GCRMA work I
would need to create the probe package where I am having trouble. I have
checked that all the probe sequences within the cdf file were included
in the probe sequence file, although the probe sequence file contain
more sequences than the ones in the cdf file. 
Here the error message I got:

> library(matchprobes)
> makeProbePackage("disdiv712a", getProbeDataAffy("disdiv712a",
"diS_div712a_probeSequenceFile.txt", pkgname = NULL, comparewithcdf =
TRUE), maintainer = "XXXX<XXXX at diversa.com>", version    = "0.0.1",
Error in rep.default(NA, max(pm1, mm1, pm2, mm2)) :
invalid number of copies in "rep"
In addition: Warning messages:
1: NAs introduced by coercion
2: NAs introduced by coercion
3: NAs introduced by coercion

Can anyone please point out what is wrong?
Thanks in advance!


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