[BioC] HGU95a and HGU95av2 with gcrma

James W. MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Tue Nov 23 17:20:29 CET 2004

Wolfgang Huber wrote:
> Question to the gcrma people - how can one make it use a CDF environment 
> that is sitting in the ".GlobalEnv"? (or how to manipulte an environment 
> so that it is recognized?)

I would imagine the problem here is with the function getCDF() in 
compute.affinities(). This is intended to automatically download the 
correct cdf file if it is not already installed. I didn't include the 
more sophisticated functionality that Jeff put into getCdfInfo() (which 
will load the cdf from the .GlobalEnv). However, getCdfInfo() will be 
called when the affinity.info AffyBatch object is instantiated, so if 
you simply comment out the line containing getCDF(), I think it should work.



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