[BioC] How to analysis the this kind of data set?

Xiao Shi bioconductor.cn at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 15:47:47 CEST 2005

I have a *time course* data set about a CML cell line treated by two drugs 
and their combination.The experiment was performed on cDNA microarray 
platform.The green channel of all the arrays are common,the untreated 
cell.Here follows the experiment design:


A total of 19 *cDNA microarrays*.a_0hr means* *drug *a *treament *0 hours 
vs. control. *And a_3hrs means drug a treatment 3 hours vs. control.So for 
drug *b *and their combination *ab*(drug a and drug b added together).My 
goal is to identify the three sets of genes,the genes differentially 
expressed by drug a,the genes by drug b ,and their combination.
 i am thinking about *ANOVA* ,but i am not sure whether it is correct.
Any comments,suggestions?Any R/bioconductor packages can be used?Thanks in 

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