[BioC] makecdfenv error

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Tue Apr 12 16:43:24 CEST 2005

Hi Ambika,

"Ambika Sundaresan" <Sundaresan at salk.edu> writes:
> I'm new to R and Bioconductor.  I'm trying to use makecdfenv package to
> create an environment for tiling arrays on Windows.
> This is the error I get:
>> make.cdf.package("arabidopsis_tlgF")

Is there a file in your current working directory with this name?
You can determine your current working directory with getwd() and you
can set it with setwd().

> Error in isCDFXDA(file.path(path.expand(cdf.path), filename)) : 
>         Unable to open the file D:/R/rw2001/arabidopsis_tlgF

This looks like your working directory is the R install dir.  Did you
put data files there?  Probably it is a better idea to place them
elsewhere and change your working directory.  There is a menu option
for it in the Windows R GUI, but you can also use setwd().
> I previously downloaded Active Perl and MingGW into the above rw2001
> directory.  What's going on?  I'll much appreciate some help.

Putting those packages into the R directory seems strange.  You'll
need to give us more details in order to help.  But the first thing is
to get your file paths sorted.


+ seth

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