[BioC] How extract F.p.value and lods values from a eBayes object in limma???

Marcelo Luiz de Laia mlaia at fcav.unesp.br
Fri Apr 15 14:01:37 CEST 2005

Dear Mr Smyth,

I am sorry, but I dont was clear in my subject question. I try to modify
the subject now, to adjust it, but I was not capable to become it more

Please, my excuses!

I obtained to extract the individual values, but I would like to get them
in an only table or archive together.  I obtain to have the significant
genes, but I would like to have to see the significant genes in a column
and, to the side of them, the values of "F.p.values" and "lods",
respectively. For example:

Genes  F.p.value  lods
1          0.001    -y
200        0.002     x
301        0.040     k


Gordon Smyth disse:

> The answer to the question in the title of your email is:
>     todos20050401.fit3$F.p.value
> and
>     todos20050401.fit3$lods
> What is it that you really want?
> Gordon

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