Piotr K staszekpiter at poczta.fm
Sun Apr 17 14:38:52 CEST 2005

   I've problem with
   1)mva.pairs(exprs(eset)[,c(1:7)],log.it=FALSE) plot :I would like to present all data
   without big letter like Median etc.how can i format it to small?
   When I compare plot before(Data) and after(eset) normalization (RMA) should I
   write before: mva.pairs(exprs(Data)[,c(1,3,5,7)],log.it=FALSE)
   and after mva.pairs(exprs(eset)[,c(1,3,5,7)],log.it=FALSE)?How can
   I make the same scale?
   2)plot(density(x[,1],from=4, to=16),ylim=c(0,1)) how can I present
   all 7 chips in one plot i try plot(density(x[,1:7],from=4, to=16),ylim=c(0,1))
   but doesn't work

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