[BioC] genes variances

E Motakis, Mathematics E.Motakis at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Apr 22 14:12:50 CEST 2005

Dear all,

Recently, I have been working on variance stabilization techniques for cDNA 
microarrays. I have been studying the papers:

I. Rocke and Durbin, (2001), `A model for measurement error for gene 
expression arrays', J. Comput. Biol, 8, 557--569 and

II. Durbin, Hardin, Hawkins, and Rocke, (2002), `A variance-stabilizing 
transformation for gene-expression microarray data', Bioinformatics, 18, 

Their variance stabilization seems to work well for most of the genes I 
replicate (and for my data). I wonder if someone is aware of other related 
papers to that subject (not only by those authors). Is there any other 
technique for variance stabilization available in the microarrays 

Thank you in advance.

Makis Motakis

E Motakis, Mathematics
E.Motakis at bristol.ac.uk

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