[BioC] FW: Error loading 'affy' / 'reposTools'

Belooussov, Anton anton.belooussov at roche.com
Fri Apr 22 16:28:37 CEST 2005


  thank you for the fast reply. Actually, i did have the combination
required: R 2.0.1 with BioC 1.5. The 'bug' appeared exactly on the next
day the R 2.1.0 had been released and after i'd installed several new R
packadges on top of my R 2.0.1. Still wonder how did i manage to corrupt
the installer; It should have beeng able to download the correct
  Now i've tried 2.1.0 + BioC 1.5 and it seems to work.

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Hi Anton,

"Belooussov, Anton" <anton.belooussov at roche.com> writes:
>>   hello, 
>>   about 2 days ago i've discovered that the library 'affy' can not be

>> loaded. I get the following error message:
>> library(affy)
>> Loading required package: reposTools
>> Error in if (any(xVals == "")) { : missing value where TRUE/FALSE
>> needed
>> In addition: Warning messages: 
>> 1: No package 'file29282' was found
>>  in: packageDescription(p, lib = lib, fields = pkgFlds) 
>> 2: number of columns of result
>>         not a multiple of vector length (arg 2) in: rbind(retval,
>> lib, desc)) 
>> Error: package 'reposTools' could not be loaded
>>   looks familiar with what i've seen in the Mail archives. But have 
>> not found any solution. Is the bug fixed? If not, what were the 
>> tricks?

Well, the first trick would be to give us a bit more detail on what
version of R you are using (on what operating system) and the versions
of the packages involved.  sessionInfo() is a convenient way to give us
this info.

I suspect that you have a mismatch between your version of R and the
version of (some) packages.  

We are working hard to push out the next release of Bioconductor,
version 1.6 that will be compatible with R 2.1.0 (just released).  In
the mean time, you will need to run R 2.0.1 with Bioc 1.5.


+ seth

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