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There is an interesting paper by Churchill (probably at his website at 

At 10:44 AM 4/22/2005, Robert Gentleman wrote:
>Hmm, google will do most of that work for you, Wolfgang Huber has done
>a lot of work on this (see the package vsn, which contains code for
>carrying out such an analysis).
>On Apr 22, 2005, at 5:12 AM, E Motakis, Mathematics wrote:
>>Dear all,
>>Recently, I have been working on variance stabilization techniques for
>>cDNA microarrays. I have been studying the papers:
>>I. Rocke and Durbin, (2001), `A model for measurement error for gene
>>expression arrays', J. Comput. Biol, 8, 557--569 and
>>II. Durbin, Hardin, Hawkins, and Rocke, (2002), `A
>>variance-stabilizing transformation for gene-expression microarray
>>data', Bioinformatics, 18, S105-S110.
>>Their variance stabilization seems to work well for most of the genes
>>I replicate (and for my data). I wonder if someone is aware of other
>>related papers to that subject (not only by those authors). Is there
>>any other technique for variance stabilization available in the
>>microarrays literature?
>>Thank you in advance.
>>Makis Motakis
>>E Motakis, Mathematics
>>E.Motakis at bristol.ac.uk
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