[BioC] U133plus2.0 memory problem

kfbargad at lg.ehu.es kfbargad at lg.ehu.es
Wed Apr 27 10:23:32 CEST 2005

Sorry this has come up many times and I have looked for an answer in 
the mail archives, but I couldn´t find anything regarding amount of 
memory for many U133plus arrays.

I have 60 U133plus2.0 arrays and I wanted to do some NUSE plots, but I 
can´t even read in the arrays using ReadAffy() and I know fitPLM() is 
more demanding.

I am running R 2.0.1 and affy 1.5 on a Pentium 4 with Windows 2000 OS, 
1G RAM. I tried increasing the memory by


but still get the error "cannot allocate vector of size 635107

any suggestions??



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