[BioC] Error message from R2.2.0 on Linux

Hua Weng hweng at biochem.okstate.edu
Wed Dec 7 18:29:30 CET 2005

Dear Kasper and Gordon:

Thank you very much for all the suggestions. I'm going to debug my data
files to see whether there is something been messed up.

Best Regards,

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Dear Hua,

Further to Kasper's post, you may find the following informative:

   for (a in files) cat(a,readGPRHeader(a)$Wavelengths,"\n")

Best wishes

>Hua Weng hweng at biochem.okstate.edu
>Tue Dec 6 21:16:04 CET 2005


>The following is the header part of my gpr file:
>ATF     1
>27      82
>Type=GenePix Results 2
>DateTime=2005/10/01 20:10:53
>Settings=D:\USERS\DeSilva\asitha\GAL Files\good
>GalFile=D:\USERS\DeSilva\asitha\GAL Files\good
>"Wavelengths=650        546"


 > And the following is the error message from the command:
 >> library(limma)
 >> files <- dir(pattern=".gpr")
 >> RG <- read.maimages(files, columns=list(R="F532 Mean", G="F635
 >> Mean", Rb="B532 Median", Gb="B635 Median"), wt.fun=wtflags(0.1))
 > Error in switch(source2, quantarray = { : Cannot find column
 > heading in image output file

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